Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bugger Self Belief

I missed a day but I'm not going to get stressed about that because I did get 656 words down yesterday.

This story is so like sculpting, not that I've actually done much sculpting but it's what I imagine. Beginning with a general shape and adding lumps of clay here and there.and moulding as you go. Completely UNlinear. It's not a way I've worked before but I hope I'm getting the hang.
I'm also loving the way that little bits of story are magically linking up with other btw of story - I think it's called plotting. Especially for those bits that the time between me dreaming them up and them landing on the page is less than a second. That's when the story seems as if its writing itself.

I'm listening to Kate for her depth. Often, when you analyse the key events, not a lot happens in her chapters. So in the one I've just listened to a character (with a secret) - and that's important a character having a secret - gets a phone call which challenges how well she can keep the secret. But around that key event there are so many pools of revelation about what sort of people these characters are and character - building scenelets that each chapter is so rich - I love Kate Atkinson's stuff.

Also, from listening to Kate I'm getting again and again, the key to a good story is character. It's what we know but I can get so hung up on my concept or lack of one, I put too much energy into that when I should be thinking about my people.

I'm enjoying myself at the moment so, today bugger self belief.
Yesterday got the mail to say I've got a spot at the latest Curtis Brown Discovery Day - woo and ooh err. So self introspection will start poking around again soon, I'm sure. That and panic.

Today's stats:
WORDS ABOVE/BELOW TARGETfor a Feb 29th 1st draft completion: 45 over

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