Saturday, 16 January 2016

Going Back & Pressing On

I'm at 40k and it feels only a third of the way through but that's ok. Although when I've done this before I've pressed on pushing the story ahead and only writing notes about characters or stuff to insert, this time, going back and inserting stuff feels like I'm pushing the story ahead.
Like Neil Gaiman says you only learn to write the book you're on.

So today and for the last few days, I'm pressing on by going back. I've been looking at the story so far, from other characters' point of view. So these may just be exercise/character study chapters and not part of the story at all but it's really helping. When I was pressing on with only my main pov character it was starting to get a bit thin and stretched. Feels a lot more weighty now.  I hope they are part of the story - I'm not one for exercises and I'm rubbish at planning, all feels too much like work. I just want to get on and explore, tell myself the story.

I'm sure there are widgets for this but here are today's stats at the time of writing:
SELF DOUBT LEVEL: 7/10 - not bad at all. Will plummet when I read some more of Kate (Atkinson) or if I'm tempted to check out the UV 2016 anthology
WORD COUNT: 40476 
WORDS ABOVE/BELOW TARGETfor a Feb 29th 1st draft completion: 524 under
TODAY'S WORDS: 770 - 30 under my 800 daily target but will do some more after we've done the charity shops.

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