Monday, 18 January 2016


Woke up with a head full of rubbish.  Suddenly remembered I have the Golden Egg Big Honk on Friday and I haven't written a single sentence a child could read since October. WHY am I going to this do when I don't think I can write for children?

Did lots of rubbish words at the library this morning, hoping no one would turn up for CV/cover letter assistance. Mostly they didn't. But not happy with library words.

This evening read and considered the Heksinki Bus Station Theory. I got off the bus. Darn.

Decided to pretend this is the bus I'm meant to stay on.
Read the Helsinki Bus Theory and this will make sense.

And this evening, this morning's words are slightly less rubbish and a nugget of conviction re the story is growing again. Pretty sure the whole thing will be ridiculous but my completer finisher tendencies are keeping a grip on it.

Word count not great but have got rid of a few that were there just for buoyancy.

Today's stats:
SELF BELIEF LEVEL: starting the day at 1/10 finishing at 5/10
WORDS ABOVE/BELOW TARGETfor a Feb 29th 1st draft completion: 719 under

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