Sunday, 17 January 2016

Self Belief rather than Self Doubt

(I'm going to be recording self belief from now - more positive.)

Haven't done my words yet today because of friends over for lunch but have had some plot insights which I've had to my 'truth' document. So maybe about 50 words there but they don't count for the stats.

Have got sucked into catching up on Luther which is gruesome and ok story wise though a bit silly and  crass in places but sort of counts as research though.

I did get a few more words down last night so not too behind. Very much hoping I'll be awake enough add this morning's plot insight.

I love the film that's running in my head but because it's in my head it's more real than a film, well bits are, the writing of it makes it realer. It's a load of rubbish really and I have no idea what  I'm doing writing about stuff I know nothing about but I suppose  that's what my imagination is for.

Here are today's stats at the time of writing:
WORDS ABOVE/BELOW TARGETfor a Feb 29th 1st draft completion: 994 under
TODAY'S WORDS: so far…..still got two and half hours left of today….

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