Why a Writing Lenka Diary Blog?

It's a late start but inspired the other day by this post especially John Steinbeck  -  genius is 'the daily act of showing up'. I going to keep a diary of writing my first adult book. Madeline L'engle said that writers should keep a diary for their eyes only - was she she was thinking for typos sake? Anyway this  probably is for my eyes only - a quark in the universe that is the Internet.

Somebody else I read this new year can't remember who, said first drafts should be written as if noone is going to read them and I suppose that's what I'm doing here too. But this diary albeit a bloggy one is not generally about me because that would be boring but about the current compulsion to get this story out.

I should write this in a beautiful moleskin like the one number one daughter gave to number two son for his 24th birthday the other week but I write in pencil (I like the friction) and it's terribly had to read back after month or so and I do want to read this back.

So why not just make a word doc? But word docs are like kitchen roll, bits get torn off and used and litter the hard drive like ticker tape. A blog feels more finished.

So here it is my Writing Lenka Diary Blog to chart how I'm showing up, from the mire of the middle to the end.

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